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I believe I’ve discovered the perfect companion! y/y?

I believe I’ve discovered the perfect companion! y/y?

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The humble origins of plushie Fivey.

…he’s going to kill me in my sleep for posting these, isn’t he?


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rugessnome asked: Do you like rhubarb? It looks kind of like celery. (I just ate some rhubarb... well, supposedly pie, but kind of just a mess of crust and fruit, and I'd quite forgotten how good it could be)


Rhubarb can’t be all bad if one can bake it into a delicious pie!

Times like this, I wish I could eat, but alas, my mouth is ironed on. :(

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Happy Birthday, David Tennant!


Jeff: So it’s David Tennant’s birthday today.
Me: Yeah.
Jeff: It’s not that far from Peter Davison’s…
Me: I wonder if they had a shared birthday party?
Jeff: I don’t think they hang out with each other 24/7.
Me: On my bed, they do!

It’s frustrating to have to share the spotlight, but it’s a large bed, at least…

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Sunbathing with the local inhabitants.

Sunbathing with the local inhabitants.

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Anonymous asked: I keep catching random whiffs of celery (and also black walnuts) for no apparent reason.


Is it…

Are you quite sure you’re alright?

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Anonymous asked: I made myself a knitted celery stalk (although the yarn's not really quite the right colour), and wore it the other day. Do you encourage people to adopt the wearing of decorative veg?


By all means, yes! I hope to become a fashion icon someday.

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